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21: Microsoft Certified - Azure IoT Developer Specialty

· 2 min read
Diana Phillips

Welcome to Day 21 of #JulyOT!!

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Now that you've been learning all about IoT during #JulyOT, it's time to consider certification!

Whether you’re a student wanting to validate your expertise in IoT or a professional IoT solution developer looking to stand out from the crowd, the Azure IoT Developer Specialty certification may be perfect for you! This certification involves passing only one exam: AZ-220 – Microsoft Azure IoT Developer

Specialty Azure IoT Developer

Skills Measured

The AZ-220 exam measures your ability to:

  • Set up the IoT solution infrastructure (10-15%)
  • Provision and manage devices (15-20%)
  • Implement IoT Edge (15-20%)
  • Implement business integration (5-10%)
  • Process and manage data (15-20%)
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize IoT solutions (15-20%)
  • Implement security (10-15%)

Stay tuned as we share resources for each of these exam areas throughout the rest of #JulyOT to help you prepare!

Get Started

Visit the AZ-220 – Microsoft Azure IoT Developer exam page to learn more.