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14: AMA: IoT, cows, AI and poop - Jim discusses IoT in farming with Bryn Lewis

· 2 min read
Jim Bennett
Bryn Lewis

Welcome to Day 14 of #JulyOT!!

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Join in the conversation and ask out IoT experts about digital agriculture.

AMA: IoT, cows, AI and 💩 - Jim discusses IoT in farming with Bryn Lewis

Digital agriculture is a massively important use case for IoT. From simple solutions monitoring soil moisture levels to control watering, to complex AI solutions for animal health, IoT is helping farmers bring food to the tables of the growing world.

In this session, Jim is joined by Bryn Lewis, a Microsoft MVP and IoT expert who is working with farms in New Zealand to implement solutions using AI and IoT. Jim and Bryn will dive into some of the cool projects that Bryn is working on, discussing how AI and IoT can improve cow health, make milking easier, and even reduce water usage for cleanup, all within a hostile environment with wide temperature variances throughout the year, and way too much poop.

Join us for this AMA style conversation, and bring your own questions on digital agriculture to get answered by our Kiwi expert.

Catch the recording on the Microsoft Reactor YouTube channel!